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This recipes are very easy to prepare within no time.Healthy and delicious too

chayote rice

Chayote Dal Rice

Ingredients: Chow chow/chayote -250 grams Moong dal-1 cup Shallots-5 Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp Asafoetida/hing- 1pinch Green chillies-2 Salt to taste Coriander leaves Ghee  For the Tempering/Tadka: Mustard-1/4 tsp Urad dal-1/4 tsp…

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Radish Rice

Radish Rice

Ingredients: Carrot-200 gms Radish-200 gms Green chillies-2 Salt to taste Oil  For the Tempering/Tadka: Mustard-1/4 tsp Curry leaves  Spices: Turmeric-1/4 tsp Hing-1 pinch Preparation method Heat oil in a pan,…

Egg Chapati

Egg Chapati(Roti)

  Chapati is traditional south Asian dish prepared almost everyday. Chapati(also known as roti)  are made from whole wheat flour(atta), it means flattened round. Gujarathis’ made chapatti by adding salt…

cabbage soup

Portuguese Cabbage Soup

  Cabbage soup is a traditional Portuguese dish originating from northern Portugal. It is now considered aa a national dish and is popular all over the world. It is made…

Handi briyani
Snake Gourd Rice

Snake Gourd Rice

Ingredients: Snake gourd-250 gms Chana dal-100 gms Coconut-1/4 Salt to taste Oil  For the Tempering/Tadka: Mustard-1/4 tsp Urad dal-1/4 tsp Cumin seeds-1/4 tsp Red chillies -4 Curry leaves Spices: Turmeric-1/4…

shallots chutney

Instant Semolina(Rava) idli

Instant: rava idli  – is traditional south Indian dish usually prepared for the breakfast or dinner. It’s very healthy dish rich in protein, prepared using mixed semolina and lentils. It…

Avarakkai Egg Rice

Broad Beans Egg Pulao

  Broad beans egg pulao recipe is very healthy dish cooked in less spices with less oil. eggs added to the beans and scrambled cooked in a low flame. Broad…

Japanese Cucumber salad