Chettinad Chicken Uppu Kari Rice – Chicken Pulao

Chicken Uppu Kari Rice


Chicken Recipes – Chettinad Chicken Uppu Kari rice is my style of cooking rice with the authentic chettinad dish and tastes really good. Usually uppu kari refers to meat,ie salted mutton fry. My favourite is chicken, i prepared my version of uppu kari with chicken. This uppu kari usually prepared with boneless meat,i have chosen chicken with bone. Uppu kari means the first thing comes into our mind is the flavor and the taste, you can feel the red chillies, cumin,fennel and salt combined with juicy chicken dominates everything. Chicken uppu kari rice recipe takes everyone hearts to fall for it. After having this recipe,it won’t makes you to feel very heavy. The secret of the taste lies in the crushed shallots,red chillies, cumin and salt.Chicken uppu kari rice is very less spicy dish and easy to prepare.

Chicken Recipes – Chettinad Chicken Uppu Kari is known to be an excellent source of protein.These low-fat proteins also play an important role in assisting overweight people in losing weight quickly. As proteins are also known as the building blocks of muscles,chicken is also a great source if you’re looking for muscle build-up.It contains phosphorus and calcium which helps in strengthening our teeth and bones. It contains Vitamin B6 that lowers your homocysteine level, and keeps heart healthy. It has minerals that strengthens your immune system.chicken is rich in selenium.Chicken is rich in vitamin B3 (Niacin), a vitamin that is essential for cancer protection.Eating chicken will keep energy levels high while metabolism-burning calories can manage to keep you at a healthy weight.

Chicken Recipes – Chettinad Chicken Uppu Kari rice is the great dish to have either for dinner or lunch. Chicken Recipes – Chettinad Chicken Uppu Kari rice can be served as a main course, its simillar to chicken pulao or chicken biryani, but feels very light. Chicken Recipes – Chettinad Chicken Uppu Kari rice can go well with Dal curry, raita, papad and any side dish. Chicken Recipes – Chettinad Chicken Uppu Kari rice is must try recipe that anyone can love it for its chilli, salt taste.


Garlic cloves-5
Ginger small piece-1
Tomato puree-3tbsp
Turmeric-1/2 tsp
Fennel seeds-1/2 tbsp
Red Chillies-3
Salt to taste
Fresh Curry Leaves-4 Sprig

For the Grinding

Cumin seeds-1tbsp
Coriander seeds-1/2 tbsp
Red Chillies-4
Curry Leaves-1 sprig

Preparation method

  1. Heat oil in a pan, add fennel seeds,red chillies and curry leaves.
  2. Add finely chopped ginger and garlic pieces and saute it
  3. Add minced shallots and saute it for few mins
  4. Add salt and turmeric , stir it well
  5. Add tomato puree and cook for few mins.
  6. Add chicken pieces,the ground spicy powder and mix it well.
  7. Add few amount of water and cover it, cook for 15 mins.
  8. When oil floats at the top, add cooked rice and sprinkle sesame oil.
  9. Add fresh curry leaves and mix it well
  10. Serve it hot with papad or raita.