Traditional Cauliflower Curry

Gobi Grandma curry

Grandma Gobi Curry



Turmeric-1/4 tsp

Salt to taste

Sesame oil


For the Tempering / Tadka

Curry leaves-2 spring

Mustard-1/4 tsp

Urad-dal-1/4 tsp



For the Sauté

Shallots- 250 grams

Garlic-6 cloves -1/2 tsp. paste

Ginger -2 inch cube-1/2 tsp. paste

Tomatoes- 2 medium (optional)

Hing -1 pinch (optional)



Fresh Coriander – 1/3 bunches


Spices for the Grinding

Red Chillies – 8

Coriander seeds -6 TSP

Cumin seeds -1 tsp

Fennel seeds – 2 tsp

Black Pepper corns- 1 tsp

Curry leaves-1/3 bunch




Preparation method:

  1. Blanch the cauliflower florets in a warm water  with salt and turmeric For the 2 mins
  2. Fry the spices in the dry pan, till it gets nice aroma.
  3. Grind the spices to a smooth paste.
  4. Crush the tomato using hand and crush the shallots using DD.
  5. Take cauliflower florets in a bowl; add the grinded masala, crushed onions, crushed tomatoes, ginger garlic paste, turmeric, hing and salt.
  6. Add handful of sesame oil and mix altogether with hand, marinate it For the 5 mins.
  7. Heat the pan; transfer the mixture to the pan. Sprinkle water.
  8. Cover it and cook it For the 30 min in a medium flame.
  9. Stir it occasionally. When it’s done, simmer it For the 15 mins .
  10. Garnish with Fresh coriander and serve it hot with rice or roti.