Arabian – Herb Omlette

Arabian- Herb Omelette is one of the best green dishes in middle eastern country. it is very delicious and healthy dish.Easy to prepare for any time.It is authentic arabian dish simillar to Spanish tortilla, is called a kookoo in Iran, an eggah in the Arab countries. A tablespoon of yogurt can be added at the top with thyme while serving.Eggs filled with aromatics, herbs freshness.This dish is very yummy and healthy, juicy to taste.


Fresh Dill-few
Fresh Cilantro-2
Fresh Parsley-2
Spinach-2 leaves
Thyme few
Yogurt-2 tbsp
Cherry tomato-1
Salt to taste
Freshly ground black pepper
Olive oil

Preparation method

  1. Discard the coarse stems from the greens and chop the herbs finely and evenly.
  2. Beat the eggs well, add the herb mixture,seasoning and stir it well.
  3. Heat the butter in a frying pan, coating it evenly on all sides.
  4. Pour the egg herb mixture, and cook it over in a low heat for 15 minutes.
  5. Turn the omelette by reversing it onto a plate held over the pan, and cook the other side for 10 minutes.
  6. Pour the yogurt on the top of the omelette and place the cherry tomato sprinkle few thyme, serve it immediately.