Scotch Eggs

scotch egg


Sausages-250 gms
Thyme-1 tsp
Parsley-1 tbsp
Breadcrumbs-200 gms
Plain flour-3 tbsp
Oil for frying
Salt and Pepper for seasoning

Preparation method

  1. Boil the eggs in a salted water, peel it and keep it aside.
  2. Mix the sausages with the thyme, parsley ina bowl and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper
  3. Divide the sausage mixture into two and flatten each out on a clean surface evenly.
  4. Season the flour with pepper, salt and dredge the eggs in the flour
  5. Place the eggs onto the sausages and wrap the around each egg smoothly.
  6. Dip each sausage into breadcrumbs and roll it so that breadcrumbs coated evenly onto the sausages.
  7. Heat the oil in a deep heavy bottomed pan for frying
  8. Add the scotch egg into the oil and deep fry it until it turns golden brown evenly on all sides.
  9. Cook it for 10 mins so that the sausages are completely cooked.
  10. Drain it and serve it warm with the sauce.